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Saturday, March 21, 2009


The Tramontana R, unlike other super sports cars with radical versions, keeps the comfort as a value and provides versatility, as well as the possibility to drive the car in conventional roads. So much so that gives a surprising performance not only in the track but also outside of it.
The Tramontana team has reduced the weight of the car to 92 kg. despite the fact that the first version had already been done with the lightest materials. Remind that the chassis and the bodywork are completely made in carbon fibre.
Previous dry weight: 1.360 Kg
New dry weight: 1.268 Kg
Weight distribution:
42% front, 58% rear
50% right, 50% left
Another important challenge has been to give more pure personality to the car; the new chassis reduces the wheelbase in 50 mm and notably improves the handling of the car as well as the aerodynamic performance. All these improvements have allowed to optimize the cornering speed, specially in the track.
New downforce: 240 Kg (300Km/h)
Downforce distribution front axle: 95 kg aprox.
Downforce distribution rear axle: 145 kg aprox.
If you have followed the evolution of the company from its origins, you have surely noticed its constant progression. With the Tramontana R they have shown his technical capacity once more. The future is to reassert itself as a one of the best and most exclusive manufacturers in the small world of super sports cars.

Technical Specifications
100-0 km/h: 32,6 m (2,45 s)
200-0 km/h: 124,3 m (4,91 s)
Torque increase up to 1.100 Nm.

New chassis with a wheelbase distance of 3.050 mm: (50 mm shorter).
Monocoque rigidity torsion: 40.000 Nm/º.
New frontal geometry.
New electric power steering.
Lateral G forces: 1,22 g. (with standard tyres)

Front: New spoiler
Lateral: New shark gills
Rear: New rear wing
Down Force: 240 Kg at 300 km/h
New scaled levels (3 + off)

New TFT digital screens.
Carbon fiber finishing bodywork.

0-100 km/h: 3,6 s
0-200 km/h: 10,15 s
Top Speed: 325 km/h (limited)
Basic: 385.000 € (without taxes)

Source: Tramontana