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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Mitsubishi i-Miev Sport Air Concept 2009

The Japanese carmaker has unveiled its new i-MiEV Sport Air Concept at the Geneva Motor Show. Mitsubishi is keen to be one step ahead of the game when it comes to electric cars, and this is this latest version of its iMiEV electric car.

While the idea of an electric sports car is not a new one, mainstream carmakers have been slow to consider the proposition of a performance electric vehicle (EV). Niche carmakers like Tesla, Fisker and Lightning immediately spring to mind when one thinks of electric sports cars, but soon we may be able to add Mitsubishi to that list.

The Japanese carmaker has unveiled today its new i-MiEV Sport Air Concept at the Geneva Motor Show. It is based on the existing i-MiEV all-electric hatch but features a much more powerful motor with a higher instantaneous torque.

The concept is distinguished by its detachable ‘clear cutaway’ roof panel which brings a wide open feel to the interior. Other features include a rear-midship platform, second-generation lithium-ion battery module with improved electrodes, while the body uses a number of new weight-reducing technologies.

It’s called the iMiEV Sport Air, and features a gloopy teardrop shape for better aerodynamics. There’s also a smattering of solar cells at the bottom of the windscreen. The concept is called the Air because it has a removable glass roof too.

The electric motor in the i-MiEV Sport Air Concept is rated at 80hp (60kW) and 170lb-ft (230Nm) but the torquey powerplant isn’t the vehicle’s only performance aspect. To lower the center of gravity and increase driving stability the main EV system components (battery module, inverter, battery charger) are located as low as possible. The body structure also uses plastic panels to reduce weight around the rear axle where the powertrain and EV system components are installed and thereby achieve an ideal 50:50 front/rear weight distribution.

Mitsubishi eventually hopes to sell up to 2,000 i-MiEVs in the first year and plans to expand this to around 10,000 units by 2011.