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Monday, March 9, 2009

Falcon MS Cruiser by American Eagle

Falcon Sport Cruiser is a new and revolutionary advancement in motorcycle technology. Its distinctive award winning design configuration and styling is completely different from other sport cruisers. It incorporates numerous proprietary performance, handling and safety features, such as American Eagle’s race proven, mono-shock design with an aluminum cantilever swing arm.

Being designed from the ground up as a true “Sport Cruiser”, the primary goal for this bike is performance. To take advantage of its “Z” rated tire, this bike is not only fast, but handles like a pedigree canyon carver with balance and agility normally found on sport bikes. In reality, it is a combination of custom cruiser and sport bike, working together in one beautiful package.

Standard Features

100 Cubic Inch Engine
6 Speed Close Ratio Transmission
Hand Crafted Alloy Frame
TEVIS - Tunable Engine Vibration Isolation System
One Piece Aluminum Tank
Billet Triple Trees
Billet Rear Pulley 65 Tooth
Polished Billet Forward Controls
Electronic Dual Fire Ignition
Solid State Electrical System
Custom Solo Seat
Electronic Speedometer & Tachometer
Braided Oil Lines
54mm Inverted Forks
Adjustable Mono-Shock Rear Suspension
Front 120/70 ZK 17"
Rear 180/55 ZR 17"

Polished Billet Aluminum Rims
Polished Billet Aluminum
Polished Billet Hubs
Front 17" x 3.50
Rear 17" x 5.50

Signature Paint Schemes

Frame & Suspension

American Eagle Mono Shock Frame
30 deg. Rake

Weight (approx.)
485 lbs.

Seat Height
24 inches

Adjustable Ground Clearance
5.25 – 6.25 inches

11.5 Floating Rotor Front
11.5 Floating Rotor Rear
4 piston Front Billet Calipers

2-Up Seat with Billet Passenger Pegs
2 into 1 Performance Exhaust System.

Source - American Eagle Motorcycles