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Thursday, March 12, 2009

KTM X BOW Clubsport

KTM is celebrating the first anniversary of its X-BOW range at the 2009 Geneva Auto Show with the unveiling of an entire array of new vehicles and technologies. The year old X-Bow range will debut at the show no less than than five different models: X-BOW Street, X-BOW Clubsport, X-BOW GT4, X-BOW Superlight and X-BOW ROC.

The philosophy of KTM is embodied by the entry-level racecar named “Clubsport”. Particularly when it comes to safety, it is in no way inferior, thanks to the FIA crash test-approved monocoque, but at the same time it is also street-homologated: It therefore bridges the gap between unforgettable zigzags on tight country roads and the thrilling track day battle against the clock.

Source: KTM