We are back! The Real Madness starts now!! www.highthrottle.com will be launching very soon. The Chase Begins Again... High Throttle: BMW F650 GS


Monday, March 30, 2009


BMW’s intention with the F 650 GS is for it to be the introduction model into the bigger BMW motorcycles. It’s the budget F 800 GS, but also the choice if a tall bike is not your thing. In a nutshell these are the differences from the F 800 GS: lower output of horsepower and torque enabled by a different camshaft, narrow F 800 S radiator, lower seat height (820-790mm-765mm with lowering kit), low wind-screen, conventional telescope fork, cast wheels, 19inch front wheel, single front disc brake and lower spec mono shock.

The F 650 GS is hence more of a street bike than the F 800 GS. Let’s talk about the new engine first. The old one was a 50 horsepower single cylinder four stroke. The new F 650 GS is a 798cc parallel twin with 71 horsepower. I have already noted that the F 650 GS is only about 500 Euro more expensive than a G 650 in Germany. That’s a full 20 horsepower, 1 extra cylinder and 150cc more for only a slight premium extra! This is really where the F 650 GS will be a success finding its place in the market. We believe there are some serious price politics going on with this model which benefits the consumers compared to the G 650 range and the F 800 GS.

Along a sun drenched road along South Africa’s east coast is where I find myself in the seat of the F 650 GS. The seat is really low, but for some reason I don’t feel big on the bike. ONLY EXCERPTS for now...