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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Renault Clio Sport 2010

Renault just unveiled the hotted-up Renaultsport (RS) variant at Geneva Motor Show 2009. The car features many of the same performance upgrades found on bigger brother the Megane RS, but in a more compact and peaky package.
The engine is definitely a pint-sized powerhouse, but it pays the price with a torque curve biased toward the higher end. The 2.0L 16-valve unit generates 200hp (149kW) but does so at 7,100rpm, with max torque of 158lb-ft (215Nm) coming at 5,400rpm. Despite the peaky power curve, the car still manages a power-to-weight ratio of 166hp/tonne, enough to shoot the little hatch to 62mph (100km/h) in a tick under 7 seconds and on to a top speed of 141mph.

Aerodynamics derived from Formula 1 technology
New Renault Clio RS's aerodynamic features include a front splitter, front-wing air-extractors and a rear diffuser, a unique feature in this segment. Compared with the new version's predecessor, the CdA has been cut by 0.02 to 0.75.
The extractors visible on the front wings contribute to the car's aerodynamic performance by neutralizing the turbulence produced by the wider wings and play a part in improving the model's CdA. They also facilitate the extraction of hot air from underneath the bonnet, while the vents are angled to channel airflow along the sides of the car for enhanced performance. The most significant single technological innovation is the air diffuser. This aerodynamic feature carried over from F1 is only fitted as standard equipment to range-topping sporting cars. The diffuser's role is to prevent the rear of the car from lifting and guarantee stability at high speed by channelling airflow in such a way that it increases ground effect by producing a low pressure zone beneath the car.

Source: Renault


Speed freak PRIT!!! said...

it is perfect on the part of renault in givin CLio sport a 2 litre 200 hp heart....tat too on a hatch....well...i think hyundai made the i20 a mix of megane and clio...its ohk coz they cnt match the 141mph performance...!!!!:)