We are back! The Real Madness starts now!! www.highthrottle.com will be launching very soon. The Chase Begins Again... High Throttle: 2008 Harley Davidson Nightrain by Area 51.


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

2008 Harley Davidson Nightrain by Area 51.

This bike was commissioned by one of our customers - the instruction from Neil was that it had to be black with a slight rake on the front end and the rear end was to have a 250 section wheel with hugging fender.
The wheels came from Ness but for the rest of the bike we had a free hand to develop the idea as we pleased.
As the wheels were made with the hole pattern we decided to continue the theme throughout the rest of the build.

2008 Harley Davidson Nightrain(donor bike)
Wheels Arlen Ness 21inch front,18 inch rear.
Front forks 6 degree rake 6 inch over.
Rear end modified Paul Yaffe swingarm.
All other parts were manufactured and modified in-house at Area51 Custom Cycles.

Source-Area 51