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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

2009 Chinese-spec Buick Regal - The 2 millionth Buick sold in China by Shanghai GM

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The 2 millionth Buick sold in China by Shanghai GM, a red New Regal sedan, was delivered today to its owner in the southern city of Guangzhou.

"It took eight years for Shanghai GM to sell its first 1 million Buicks, but only three years to sell its second 1 million units," said Kevin Wale, President and Managing Director of the GM China Group. "This demonstrates the ongoing popularity of Shanghai GM's leading mainstream brand in what is now Buick's largest market."

Shanghai GM, GM's flagship joint venture in China with SAIC, began manufacturing and selling Buick products in 1998. Shanghai GM has built a portfolio of more than 40 Buick models and variants, making it one of the most comprehensive brands sold in China today. It also has been recognized for its pioneering Buick Care aftersales service.

Leading the way for Buick are the Excelle and GL8 families. Since the Excelle's introduction in 2003, more than 900,000 Excelle sedans, Excelle HRV hatchbacks and Excelle Station Wagons have been sold, including more than 94,000 in the first five months of 2009. Shanghai GM also has sold more than 240,000 GL8 and GL8 FirstLand executive wagons since the product's introduction in 1999, making the GL8 the undisputed leader in the segment.

Buick is entering a new era of development with a series of new products and powertrains that offer an enhanced driving experience. Its next-generation models like the New Regal are based on global platforms and feature the latest technology while retaining Buick's traditional characteristics such as a quiet ride, a high level of safety and elegant styling.

According to Wale, "Buick's newer models are proving popular due to their outstanding quality, design and value. They represent the attitude, achievement, capability and entrepreneurial spirit of their owners."

From the New Regal's introduction last December through the end of May 2009, more than 34,000 units have been sold, giving it leadership in the upper-medium sedan segment with a price range of RMB 180,000 to RMB 250,000 (US$26,000 to US$37,000). In addition, Shanghai GM has sold nearly 2,800 imported Buick Enclave SUVs, with demand continuing to outpace supply.

With the upcoming introduction of the Buick New Regal 2.0 Turbo and new Buick LaCrosse featuring a 3.0-liter V-6 SIDI engine, demand for Buick vehicles across China is expected to continue to grow.



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