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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Zero Gravity Released New Yamaha R1 Windscreens

Yamaha R1 seems to be in the center of attention for most motorcycle parts manufacturers. After Yoshimura recently released new aftermarket slip-on exhausts, it is now Zero Gravity’s turn to announce its new line of 2009 Yamaha YZF R1 windscreens.

The new line includes the SR Series' stock replacement, which is close to the OEM windscreens’ size and shape. The Double Bubble follows Yamaha R1’s race look lines and in the same time provides additional aerodynamics to the bike’s features.

The windscreen appears as a "bubble within a bubble" which is exactly how this windscreen is fabricated. It is factory pre-drilled (except certain racing applications), suitable for both street and track use, and made from 3mm Acrylic sheet. As well as the other Zero Gravity windscreens, Double Bubble features hand polished visible edges and distortion free optical clarity.

The new windscreens line is available in a wide color range, protected with a limited factory warranty and with a MSRP of $79,95 for the SR Series, $89,95 for the Double Bubble and $89,95 for the Sport Touring owners.

The Double Bubble is not, however, the only option available for R1 riders. Customers can also choose the "Race Tall" screen, similar in shape to the OEM screen but 1.5" taller than stock , which provides additional wind protection for street or track applications.

The first version of the Double Bubble appeared on Team ZG's 1995 Yamaha TZ250's ridden by Nick Ienatsch. Many of today's top riders use Zero Gravity to compete, from 6 time AMA Superbike champ Mat Mladin, to 2 time AMA Superbike Champion Ben Spies & former Supersport champion Tommy Hayden on Team Yoshimura Suzuki, to Eric & Ben Bostrom, Jaimie Hacking & Jason DiSalvo.

Source: autoevolution - Photo credit: Zero Gravity


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