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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

MITO 125 - SP 525

GP fans all over the world recognise the race track pedigree and success this Italian motorcycle represents. The MITO 125 has 12 years of GP heritage and claims legendary status on which Valentino Rossi won his first National Sports Production Title.

Engineered for the race track the MITO continues to perform at the highest level whether you’re chasing the chequered flag or if you want to impress on the streets and is learner approved. Big bike GP looks and screaming 125cc 2-stroke performance aren’t the only draw cards on this impressive machine. Throw in quality 40mm “Marzocchi” forks and spring pre-load adjustable “Sachs” rear suspension and Brembo brakes all round complete the package to make you look and ride like a pro.

Cagiva are immensely proud to have been able to change what a being "two-stroke engine" means and to have been able to blend the new technology into the Mito 125. The research and investments made by the Company mean that gone are the days when the words "twostroke" implied only great performance. They now also mean caring for the environment. The integrated ECS (Electronic Carburetion System) administers exactly the right amount of fuel (both the air/petrol and oil mix) and was developed in collaboration with Dell'Orto. The control unit also governs the ignition system. While keeping costs under control and sales prices competitive, this brings the two-stroke 125 engine to Euro 3 standards yet maintains all the advantages that two-stroke engines can offer: lightness, performance and low running costs.

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Price-Price: $8,995 incl. GST.

Plus dealer delivery and ORC.

Source: cagiva.com.au