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Monday, May 25, 2009


Anything that drives, you’ll find here. Park something you've always dreamed of in your garage!

A garage offers room for anything. Make space for your wildest dreams!

How it works: Your garage billboard comes complete with a separate, self-adhesive Velcro fastener and can be attached immediately!
The billboard is fitted in the same sort of way as a fly screen at the window.

It doesn’t matter what material (metal, wood, plastic, etc.) the up-and-over garage door is made from. The standard size of the garage billboard is: Height 2.10 m x width 2.45 m.

To install your garage billboard, you will need:

Around 15 – 30 minutes
Possibly someone to help you
A measuring tape or ruler
A felt pen
Scissors / cutters / Stanley knife
Cleaning agent, e.g. spirits
Dry cleaning cloth

Cutting to size – step 1:

The upper edge with the pre-fitted Velcro strip is your guide line.
This must remain as it is – do not cut anything off it. After you have measured your up-and-over garage door correctly with a measuring tape or ruler (important! only measure the moving, tilting part of the door, NOT the frame!), spread the garage billboard out in front of you on a clean floor. The side with the picture should face down, with the light reverse (the side without the motif) facing upwards. At the top you will now see the guide line (with the visible Velcro strip, from which you should now use a felt pen to carefully draw the outline of your garage door.
Note: If your door is for instance only 2 metres tall and 2.15 metres wide, you will have a height excess of 10 cm and width excess of 30 cm.
What should you do?
You only take off the bottom 10 cm (the top is your guide line that must not be altered!) and 15 cm on the right and left (2 x 15 cm = 30 cm). This maintains the symmetry of the motif.
Now take a pair of scissors or a cutter / segmented blade and cut the garage billboard precisely to the size of your up-and-over garage door.

Cutting to size – step 2:

Now you use the roll of Velcro fastening supplied. It comes as a rough, textured piece that you secure to your garage door (Important! only stick to the moving, tilting part!) and a soft, fleecy piece that you stick to the reverse of the garage billboard. Now cut enough of both parts from the roll of Velcro so that you have sufficient for the height and width of your garage doors and garage billboard. So, as described in step 1, for instance 2 m x 2.15 m.
On the guide edge of the billboard, i.e. the top, we have already stuck the fleecy part of the Velcro on for you.
Once you have cut the Velcro tape, you should now have three strips of tape with a fleecy surface and four with a rough surface.

Securing – step 1:

Clean the side edges of your garage door to the width of the Velcro strip using a cleaning agent, e.g. spirits. Before you do this, always carry out a test in an inconspicuous place to avoid damage to paint or discolouration. After drying the cleaning agent, secure the rough strips to your garage door – at the top, left, right and bottom. As you do so, you must absolutely ensure that the Velcro tape is affixed secure and smooth on your garage door. Smooth it over evenly as you go along.
Now do the same with the fleecy strips of tape on your garage billboard, on the left, right and bottom. To ensure everything remains straight and even, we recommend that you use a measuring tape and possibly also a spirit level.
Wait for around 30 minutes until the Velcro parts are fully glued onto the garage door and on the reverse of the garage billboard.

Securing – step 2:

Now you can start attaching the garage billboard onto your up-and-over garage door:
It’s best done by two people, but of course you can do it on your own!
Start with the guide line: slowly press the Velcro strips together from the centre outwards to the left and right. Then press the garage billboard into place along the left side from the top to the middle. Then on the right hand side from the top to the middle. Then once again on the left hand side from the middle to the bottom and then the right hand side from the middle to the bottom. Finally, fix the garage billboard in position along its bottom edge.

Securing – step 3:

You still need to be able to access your garage door handle to open and close the garage door. To do this, feel or measure in advance where the handle / lock is positioned, marking the area very lightly with the felt pen. Take a cutter / Stanley knife and cut the garage billboard in a slightly cross-shaped fashion – just enough for you to be able to feed the handle through without tearing the billboard. We recommend cutting out a small section at the marking around the lock so that there are no problems when opening and closing the door.

Everything done? Brilliant – well that’s all there is to it!

Your garage billboard from style-your-garage.com is finished!