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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Toyota camry to hit Indian market

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It has come to the knowledge that Toyota, globally famed automaker, is going to introduce a facelifted camry on 31st July in the Indian market and there shall not be many changes in the new model, since it happens to be a mid-life facelift.

It is a mid-size car, formerly a compact car manufactured by Toyota since 1980 and has been the best selling car for ten of the last eleven years starting in 1997, with the only exception being 2001, in USA. The model has a good following and sale in Australia, Canada along with a number of Asian markets, the foremost of them being Cambodia and in this country the bulk of cars are camrys.

What leads to the success of camry? It is owing to the car’s comfort-tuned suspensions, most models of the camry are regarded as less sporty than rival vehicles.

It should be taken into consideration that segment leader Honda did smarten the Accord with a V6 engine and Skoda’s launched the all new superb in India. How is Skoda’s superb petrol variant doing at the moment? It is, indeed, enjoying a good success right now and has also been able to earn good reviews from the critics. While Honda and Skoda are firing on all cylinder in order to entice the customers, Toyota is not lagging behind.

Toyota’s new camry is set to thwart the advent of these models till an all new model arrives in 2011.

Toyota Motor Corporation is a multinational corporation headquartered in Japan, and is currently the world's largest automaker employing approximately 316,000 people worldwide. Toyota has factories in most parts of the world, manufacturing or assembling vehicles for local markets. The company has manufacturing or assembly plants in Japan, Australia, India, Canada, Indonesia, Poland, South Africa, Turkey, Colombia, the United Kingdom, the United States, UAE, France, Brazil, Portugal, and more recently India, Argentina, Czech Republic, Mexico, Malaysia, Thailand, Egypt, China, Vietnam, Venezuela, the Philippines, and Russia.

Source: littleabout