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Saturday, July 18, 2009

First Tata Nano Delivered in Mumbai

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When industrialist Ratan Tata had spoken about a ‘one-lakh rupee’ car, not many believed him. But when it was showcased at the 9th annual Auto
Expo in 2008, most of the critics were silenced. But the small car has surely come a long way, right from the unrests somewhat related to its plant in West Bengal to the selection process.

Now Tata Motors sends word that the first Tata Nano was delivered in Mumbai. Well, the first customer in India is Ashok Raghunath Vichare, who was handed over a lunar silver Tata Nano LX by Ratan N. Tata, who is also the Chairman of Tata Sons and Tata Motors.

The Nano was delivered at Concorde Motors, which is a dealership of Tata Motors. Ratan Tata commented, “I hope the Tata Nano will bring motoring pleasure to those who will be buying their first car as also those who currently own cars but want a modern, contemporary, emission-friendly city car.”

Tata has informed that Tata Nano would be delivered in different towns and cities as planned. In fact, the production plant in Pantnagar has started to send out the cars to dealerships in line with the schedules informed to customers. Besides Vichare, Ashish Balakrishnan, who bought a sunshine yellow Tata Nano LX, and Kores India Limited, also got their cars. The latter also received a lunar silver Tata Nano LX.

Source: autotantra