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Friday, January 28, 2011

Luxemburg only: Abarth 500 GULF Special Edition

The Gulf oil petrolium company celebrates its tenth SA activity in Luxembourg. For this birthday in the spotlight they worked with an exclusive package Autopolis on the Abarth 500 Esses, they think the perfect car for the history of racing in the Gulf to stress. This Limited Edition Abarth 500 GULF makes the difference with his GULF-color, official document, record, Monza muffler, Esses kit (160 hp), Corse-Sabelt seats, the backs of the seats was completed in GULF-blue and Of course you get a picture with numbered.

Initially the intention was only to make a copy and give away during a match. But both sides were so enthusiastic that they immediately made a limited edition of ten copies made. Price per piece is 25,000 euros EXL. VAT. For that money you do have a still more exclusive Abarth 500 Abarth 695 Tributo than Ferrari.

Update: The picture is a photoshop image.

Source: Autofans (Translation)


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